Yak Chew Nuggets (Sold by weight)

Style: 1 lb Bag
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YAK CHEW NUGGET are the best quick treats for dogs of all sizes. 

Chew nuggets are approximately 1-2 cm dice each side. Not to treat your dog as is. Instead, microwave for approximately 1 minute (microwave time varies) to make a crunchy puff. Let a puff cool down to room temperature and treat your dogs with a crunchy puff! your dogs love it.


Ingredients: Himalayan Yak milk and Lime juice.

Feeding Information

Supervision is recommended when feeding any Safe Dog Chews to your dog. Provide enough fresh drinking water during consumption.

Our yak chews crunchy puffs are protein-rich, and If your furry is consuming it for the first time and is sensitive to protein-rich diets, please limit consumption to one or two puffs per day to avoid any potential stomach upset.  

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